Welcome to our page abundance affiliate.  Where we share our journey to abundance and the affiliations along the way.

This journey is one we’ve been travelling for some time and is gaining momentum.  As we grow and develop, there is always room for more growth and development and also with abundance, there is always room for more abundance to flow into ours and your life.  As we make the right kind of changes in our lives, abundance will flow freely.

The most recent part of this is our affiliation with Ipro (more on this in a later blog).  Something that happened by chance, yet not chance at the same time, like we were supposed to find it.  I’ll be completely honest, it wasn’t my cup of tea, it was something my husband found and after a lot of research, felt it was something he really believed in and therefore, so did I, because I believe in him.

I feel I need to be clear about my reasons for not being interested and they are to do with money.  I know I had a core belief that repelled money and an idea that I it was bad to have money.  That there are so many people in the world who go without, that it would be unfair for us to accumulate wealth.  However, I have since realised, thanks to Abraham via Esther Hicks (go and check them out at abraham-hicks.com) that as we take a slice of the pie, we don’t deprive anyone, it is filled back up.  In fact, as we become more abundant, it provides us with the means to help others, something that is a deeply held value of both of ours.

Another piece of learning we have had recently thanks to Abraham via Esther Hicks, and also Orin via Sanaya Roman (orindaben.com)  as well as John Assaraf (johnassaraf.com), is that abundance is a belief first and foremost.  That before the physical manifestation of money, you have to believe you are worthy of it, believe you can have it and feel abundant like you already have it.  To be honest, if you were able to make these shifts in perception, then even without the money, life would take on new meaning.  However, as well as the positive shift in our perception and attitude, we are already seeing results.  The creative ways that the universe is bringing abundance forth.

We’re not going to lie…we’re not yet millionaires, however we are getting and closer and closer to the millionaire mindset.  Therefore, if we never reach the six zero figure we will have already achieved the mind of a millionaire.  Having said that, we feel we will make it there.  We feel so charged and energised and constantly pinging with new ideas and inspiration that will take us to where we are supposed to be.  This is something that is so important on the journey.  We have to listen within to the whispers of our soul and live in a way that is true to who we are and our purpose here on earth and everything else will follow.  We start to notice opportunities and ideas that lead the way and it becomes very exciting and makes it easy to see the abundance that lies ahead.

We feel that this is another crucial part, that it is more about believing we can have what all of us are destined to have – an abundant life filled with joy and laughter and love – and that for us is about our family and getting more time together to share the special time with our children while they are young and also having the means to do so.  As we previously mentioned this also involves us being able to give to others, and this is not just about money, but about our time, which is the most precious commodity we have in life, therefore, one of the greatest gifts we can give to another.

This takes us to the final point and that is that we are all connected and are supposed to help one another along our paths.  I read an excellent example of that today in a book about cancer of all things Foods That Fight Cancer, it was about the very first single cells, which made the decision to cohabit and create the first multi-cellular organisms, going from individualistic way of being to working for the greater good and it reminded me of our journey as people in life.  As children, we start out self-centred and as we progress through life we begin to care more about our fellow human beings and begin to work for the greater good.  Or as Steven R. Covey  (stephencovey.com)  puts it in his fabulous book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, he says that we start out life completely dependent and then gradually gain independence and this is important for our development, but that once we have achieved autonomy and a sense of self, we then strive for interdependence and working together with others.

So this is about our journey to abundance, but about yours also, and everyone you then go on to connect with.  Far from my belief that for me to be abundant that someone else had to go without, the opposite is true and as we become more abundant and share the knowledge that we have learned from others, my means of creating abundance and anything else that spreads this outwards like a ripple  effect and helps us all to live the lives that we were born to live.  Not one of suffering and lack, but joy and plenitude.

We hope you will continue with us on our journey and together we can educate ourselves and others and make real and lasting change.

Blessings of abundance!

Jamie and Bryan